Progressing… slowly :)

Long time no post.. Time to correct that issue 🙂

Today we had some fun with experimenting our new home built TQ mechanics and SIOC code.. Looks really promising.
Very smooth movement with good DC motors controlling the levers individually.

Also some words about performace in P3Dv2 … IT SUCKS! With 3 64 degree separate windows we just can’t install the heavy sceneries (example EFHK from Aerosoft)
Using only one window P3Dv2 is very good but with 3 separate windows it is just too much for the computer… 🙁

Anyway… even with the performance issues the P3Dv2 looks so great so we are not going back to FSX ever 🙂

PS. We also installed the latest beta of iFly ServicePack as i’m betatester there.. WOW 😀 YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!