Some pics of our simulator / Summer 2016

iFlyWebUi project

IflyWebUi project is a project to get some needed functions available for 737 home cockpit builders using iFly 737NG simulator addon.

Project “Home” is at my github pages There you can find latest source for the project and also binary files if you want just the application and not sources. Latest binary is available at

Below some WIP screenshots from v0.4 build 88



iFly2Fsuipc3 BETA is here!

It’s been a while but as I’m still trying to get the new mode (what?, see the change history 😉 ) working properly I decided to give the 3.0 BETA version to public in case you want to test it. There is no support for this version but it should be stable for the iFly 737NG users still.

See the Files page for the zip file.

rework during the winter 15-16

It’s been a while again. Here is the summary what has been going on:

– P3D is now on version 3.2
– iFly version compatible with P3D v3.2 is in beta. Looks good when testing! Huge work they have done again even so many things LM broke with 3.x series.
– ifly2fsuipc is still on internal beta.

Some improvements in the hardware side of our simulator:

P3D v2 perfomance

Have to say… after the latest patch in P3d v2… The performace is great!! We even have +20FPS on heavy Aerosoft MegaScenery Helsinki with 3 windows.
Now THIS is how the simulators should been working years ago!

Next week is installation day again.. With the latest ifly ServicePack we can have super cool weather radar and some other nice additions in our sim.

Progressing… slowly :)

Long time no post.. Time to correct that issue 🙂

Today we had some fun with experimenting our new home built TQ mechanics and SIOC code.. Looks really promising.
Very smooth movement with good DC motors controlling the levers individually.

Also some words about performace in P3Dv2 … IT SUCKS! With 3 64 degree separate windows we just can’t install the heavy sceneries (example EFHK from Aerosoft)
Using only one window P3Dv2 is very good but with 3 separate windows it is just too much for the computer… 🙁

Anyway… even with the performance issues the P3Dv2 looks so great so we are not going back to FSX ever 🙂

PS. We also installed the latest beta of iFly ServicePack as i’m betatester there.. WOW 😀 YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!

Visual tweaking

Seems there is a bug in P3D V2 that causes FPS drop when using multiple windows. FPS starts from 25-30 in heavy scenery like in EFHK but eventually drops to 4-7 and it causes instability in our home cockpit environment. If you go to desktop and back to P3D then FPS goes back up and either stays there or then drops again.

Bug is confirmed by developers so we are waiting for next update. Until that only one window used, anyway it will give us 135 degree visual in sim. But of course in our 3 projector 180 degree visual it’s not good on edges.

Reinstallation day

Today we reinstalled almost everything. Now radios works again and trim buttons were also reconfigured.

The  visual is pain. We had to revert back to old way of doing visual. Like in FSX we now have 3 Windows in P3D and it looks good but performance on heavy sceneries like EFHK is not usable.

Tweaking continues…..

iFly 737NG Pro Cockpit builders edition for P3D

Yet again another day installing. Today we installed all iFly related applications to our main computer and also to 2 other client computers. Installation of iFly Pro is very easy and didn’t take so much time.

Rest of the day we were trying to understand the P3D configurations more deeply and investigating why the camera definitions are not working as expected. Might be that we need to install P3D again from scratch next week if we don’t find the solution.. Well new platform, new issues, sounds so familiar from the times we started the simulator project. 🙂

Pictures coming after the basic installation is working 🙂

Prepar3D V2 installed

Finally we managed to have free afternoon to do basic installation of P3D. Looks really great and it’s definately worth the money. Graphics are way better compared to vanilla FSX and with the new camera definitions seems that we don’t need 3 separate windows anymore but can use one window projected using 3 beamers for 179 degree visual.